In Search Of Creative Nicknames


    There are precious few nicknames in sports anymore. At least, few that are creative.

    No legendary names are tied to players anymore, no Rocket, no Boom-Boom, no Grapes.

    And yet the nicknames add so much character to our heroes on the ice.

    Remember these?

    Charlie “Big Bomber” Conacher, Yvon “The Roadrunner” Cournoyer, Alex “Fats” Delvecchio, Cecil “Babe” Dye, Frank “The Shawville Express” Finnegan, Stu “Grim Reaper” Grimson, Bobby “The Golden Jet” Hull, Al “Wild Thing” Iafrate, Reggie “The Riverton Rifle” Leach, “Terrible Ted” Lindsay, Howie “The Stratford Streak” Morenz, “Captain Kirk” Muller, Larry “Big Bird” Robinson, and Eddie “The Entertainer” Shack, to name a few classics.

    What do we have now? Nicknames based on last names: “Foppa”. Or “Z”. Or taking any name and adding “ie” to its end so that the player winds up sounding like a small child. “Dinner time, Blakie!”

    So, I’m asking you:

    If we could somehow bring the Athlete Nickname back into the world of broadcasting, and NHL marketing, what nicknames would you give to players in the league today? This can be Leaf-specific, or any team in the NHL. Have some fun with it!

    I’ll get us started with an easy one: Jeremy “Goal A Game” Williams. Otherwise known as GAG Williams. Has a nice ring to it.