Post-Game: Leafs/Sabres A.K.A. The Snorer


    Here’s a look back at all the exciting events that happened in tonight’s game:


    Now on to the post-game reaction.

    Pogge was put in net for his first home game against the Buffalo Sabres – which is great based on his fantastic play against Buffalo this season, and a team that just came off of a big win against the Sharks, you know, the best team in the league.

    The first period saw the Sabres have a goal waived off, which is great, because that meant Pogge only had to let in 3 goals on the period. Toronto’s defense was there for him when they could be. Kubina was there when he watched his man get in for the shot and made it a 1-0 game, and Frogren was there when he gave up the puck in the corner and let his man break to the net to put the Sabres up 3-0. Pogge let in an easy shot where Finger laid down and took the ice away in the slot. Pogge was then beat short side and should have had it.

    Pogge finished the night with 26 saves and a save percentage of 0.866%. That just won’t cut it. To be fair, he looked to have been playing with no confidence and a system that simply didn’t work. If this is the product thanks to Corey Hirsch’s teachings, find a new teacher, because the butterfly system for a goaltender who’s near 6’4” is not effective.

    Pavel Kubina also did his part on taking two stupid penalties to swing the momentum away from Toronto at two pivotal points of the game. He seems to be trying to do too much and looks to not trust his teammates on the play. There’s simply no other way to understand why he has been playing so gullible on plays lately without saying he’s terrible defensively.

    Forgive me for my bluntness. Considering the Leafs just did not have any game tonight, nor would they provide that extra effort on any play, it’s no wonder why Pogge is constantly left out the dry and the Leafs fail to capitalize on any opportunities. This is not the team Leaf fans are fine with watching lose. The only good parts of this game were the two fights that lasted a whole 10 seconds in total.

    Out of a 60 minute game, when 10 seconds sparks your interest and the rest of the game you’re busy with your head in your hands (oh no!) and too bored out of your mind watching the team run around aimlessly to make nothing happen that you won’t even have a beer because the game just doesn’t warrant one, you know something is wrong.

    Perhaps the players are just “going to work and going home” like they played last year, with little to no emotion, or everyone is getting paranoid on being dealt. Whatever the case, Toronto has just not been playing any real game lately, other than their 3rd period explosion against the Penguins, and that teamwork lead to the firing of Michel Therrien.

    Don’t be surprised if Toronto goes back to a losing streak, unless emotions play a part in Toronto’s matchup against the returning Sundin and the Canucks on Saturday. Don’t cross your fingers for any strong outings in the next little while.

    Micheal A. Aldred