Something HUGE Brewing in Montreal…


    I can’t provide anything more than rumours and speculation at this point, but there appears to be a story of considerable magnitude brewing tonight concerning several Montreal Canadiens players. Earlier tonight, RDS, the main television station for the Habs reported that there would be a “huge bomb” dropped on the city of Montreal tomorrow.

    Update: Sportsnet will have the entire breaking story starting at midnight.

    RDS analyst and former Montreal Head Coach Jacques Demers appeared heartbroken as he advised viewers of the seriousness of the situation.

    As I type, pretty much every single media outlet in Montreal is scrambling to break the story and gain some details but everyone remains extremely tight-lipped. Apparently, the story will be published in tomorrow morning’s edition of “La Presse”.

    Unconfirmed rumours:

    – There may be 4 players involved

    – There are police waiting to make formal arrests as soon as the team charter lands at the airport

    – Former Head Coach Jean Perron is hinting that it may involve several of the Habs younger players perhaps crossing the line when it comes to “enjoying Montreal’s celebrated nightlife”.

    – Gary Bettman is on his way to Montreal

    – The Habs front office people have been in meetings since 8pm tonight

    More as the story breaks.

    Always a pleasure,

    Alex Tran