Fantasy Trade Deadline


    Just a quick note as this is a busy time for everyone. I’m inundated with a multitude of fantasy-related issue with the trade deadlines in individual leagues.

    For those with fantasy teams coming up to the deadline, be well informed and ready to handle the pressure of making trades to improve your roster.

    Did you know, however, you don’t always have to make the best trade to win the Championship? Calculated strategy can be just as effective as making a blockbuster deal in rotisserie leagues. I wouldn’t normally offer this type of advanced strategy to anyone other than the most seasoned fantasy veterans, but really, if you’re in the know, and your rivals are not, your fantasy experience doesn’t matter. Winning is all that matters.

    I refer you to the latest fantasy update up at McKeen’s Hockey for Trade Deadline tips, and this advanced strategy for you burgeoning Champions.

    Here is a snippet.

    Sometimes, it’s impossible to gain points in roto leagues regardless of roster depth. Categories where GMs are unlikely to catch the next rung on the point level to make up points when chasing someone for the title is difficult.

    The deadline approaches and you still can’t find a fit for your roster. An impact player would be expensive enough to derail the season. Even with gains trading, you still wouldn’t catch the next GM.

    What do you do?

    The answer is right here.

    And, as always, should you have fantasy questions, add them in the comments or send an email to:

    katshockey at yahoo dot com

    Let’s smash those competitors, shall we?