NY Post: Snow’s Counter Offer


    According to Larry Brooks of the New York Post, it seems that Islander GM Garth Snow has turned on the tables on Brian Burke. Apparently, “the Islanders would be willing to deal, all right . . . willing to deal for Toronto’s seventh-overall selection, that is.” Quite the interesting twist.

    Sensing Burke’s “reluctance” to select at 7th overall, our buddy Garth Snow is offering to take that pick off Toronto’s hands in exchange for a package of draft picks in the first two rounds. As it stands, the Islanders are holding a wealth of early draft picks in the upcoming NHL Draft, including their own 1st overall selection, San Jose’s 1st round pick (26th-30th overall, acquired from Ottawa via the Campoli trade), their own 2nd round pick (31st overall), Toronto’s 2nd round pick (37th overall, acquired via the Luke Schenn trade), and Boston’s 2nd round pick (60th overall).

    Supposedly, the counter-offer would include Toronto’s 7th overall pick going to the Islanders for San Jose’s 1st round pick, New York’s 2nd round pick, and Boston’s 2nd round pick. So basically, you’re getting a pick in the early 30’s and a pick in the early 60’s to move down from 7th overall to 26th-30th overall. If true, Snow must have a very short memory because he established the same price on Cliff Fletcher to move up TWO spots, never mind 20 spots at last year’s draft.

    In a draft class that’s more top heavy than deep, quality not quantity is the name of the game, and Burke of all people knows this, having already outlined his desire to move up. That said, he hasn’t altogether ruled out the notion of trading down, but it would take a heckuva lot more than this. Most likely, this “rumor” is either someone’s imagination running a little wild, or Snow’s way of getting a jab back at Burke for being so open about his motives.

    Rumors are going to be running rampant from now right up until the moment Burke walks up to the podium on draft day. Until then, take everything with a grain of salt and enjoy the ride.

    Always a pleasure,

    Alex Tran