Draft Day is Here – The Kaberle Offer


    I hope you’ve all called in sick for work, abandoned your family for the day, or are otherwise prepared to fill your normally empty schedule with the whirling excitement of rumours and deals that is the NHL Draft Day.

    Firstly, the team that tabled the “unexpected offer” for Kaberle has been revealed to be the Bruins.  For the past few weeks, Boston has been one of the teams mentioned in the rumour mill as having an interest in Kaberle.  His outlet passes and puck skills would make an already impressive transition game almost unparalleled.  Furthermore, Boston’s powerplay would immediately shoot from “frickin good” to “automatic goal”.  On a related note, much talk has surrounded Boston’s refusal to give RFA Phil Kessel an offer on the level of that which David Krejci received, with management preferring to move him instead.  In a strange once-per-millenia occurence, these rumours actually represented themselves more or less accurately in reality.

    The proposed deal is: Phil Kessel for Tomas Kaberle and the 7th overall pick.

    Now, Leaf Nation’s reaction is definitely universal.  It likely resembles something like this:

    (The following conversation occurred not too long ago between a very good friend and I)

    Nikhil: “Boston wants Kaberle and our first rounder for Kessel”

    Henry: “FUCK THAT!”

    For all the Henrys out there in the legion of Leaf fans: relax.  Brian Burke has publicly stated how much he values our picks, especially that which we have in the first round.  He has also declared that he had intended to let the losers of the Jay Bouwmeester sweepstakes drive up the price for his prized Czech blueliner.  Do not doubt that he leaked the “unexpected” offer as incentive to begin the bidding war a little early.  Draft day is upon us, and it’s time to see what our new GM is made of.  So all of you fellow slackers that have cleared your days for this epic event, hit up that sofa and get ready.  For those stuck at work and everyone in general, remember we will be covering tonight’s proceedings LIVE here on MLHS.