You Be The GM


    Trade rumours are flying rampant around Leafs Nation, some centered around specific Leafs‘ players, some centered around specific players on other teams, and some centered around the idea of salary dumps.

    Rather than speculating the rumour mill this morning, let’s take a little break from that and have some fun with this instead.   Let’s play “GM For A Day”.


    Imagine you are GM for a day.    Several teams have either:

    (a) inquired about the availability of a specific player or players; or
    (b) inquired about what it would take for you to take on a bad contract

    No formal offers have been made, but “feelers” have been sent out.

    The teams in question are those that have been appearing in most of the rumours circulating throughout Leafs Nation:  Anaheim, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Tampa Bay, San Jose, Vancouver.

    You can make one trade, but for the trade to go through it will need to make sense for all sides.   Not only do you need to name your trade, you also need to justify why it makes sense for everyone involved.

    You up for it, Leafs Nation?    What would YOU offer, and WHY would the other team(s) be interested?

    Let’s see what you’ve got!