Quick Hits: Gustavsson, Bozak and Kadri


    There are a lot of exciting new faces making up the Leafs roster this season, and here are a few quick links of those recent additions answering some media questions and talking about their aspirations for the upcoming season. Included below are video and audio links from goaltender Jonas Gustavsson, NCAA forward Tyler Bozak and recent 1st round pick Nazem Kadri.

    Jonas Gustavsson – via NHL Network:

    • Talks briefly about what it means to play in a great hockey market like Toronto and loves that you can be recognized on the street
    • Understands that success in Toronto (Salming and Sundin) puts you on a whole other level
    • Has spoken a few times with goaltending coach Francois Allaire, considers him one of the best in the world, and it was a big factor in his signing with the Leafs
    • Chuckles a bit at the highlight reel Youtube videos, explaining that those were from being in the wrong position and that he’d prefer to save them with his chest
    • The Toronto Sun has also got a nice followup article talking about Gustavsson’s desire to become a #1 goaltender in the NHL whether it takes “one week, one month, one year, or ten years”
    • Blogger’s Note: Jonas seems like a very intense and reserved individual, and it’s always nice to see a young guy display that sort of determination.

    Tyler Bozak – via NHL Network:

    • Explains that he’s had to work out a lot over the summer to get stronger (20 lbs muscle mass) and more fit to deal with the more intense schedule
    • Loves the mix of “young and old guys”
    • Likes the pressure of being the go-to guy, and likens Toronto to the “Hollywood” of hockey
    • Practiced faceoffs in the backyard with his dad as a kid
    • Considers his hockey instincts and positional play to be among the strongest facets of his game
    • Blogger’s Note: Bozak is quite comfortable with the media and already displays the kind of poise and confidence that has me envisioning him as a locker room leader sometime down the road.

    Nazem Kadri – via Leafs Lunch:

    • Considers his speed to be one of his strongest skills but understands that he’ll have to work on all the other facets of his game to succeed at the NHL level
    • Respects Dallas Eakins as a guy “who really knows what he’s talking about”, and enjoyed the prospects camp
    • Recounts his experience of being traded from Kitchener to London
    • Looks to continue his education with a couple university level courses online
    • Blogger’s Note: Nazem comes off as a rather shy kid, and the interview was done in a rather flimsy manner. I imagine we’d be much more interested in his perceived role at the upcoming rookie tournament as opposed to how his dad’s car business is going.