Stick Work: So You Want To Start a Revolution …


    Early Anniversary wishes to MLHS.

    But you need some STICK WORK.

    Alec offered me the opportunity to continue writing about the Leafs after the MLHS’s inception and team blogs were eliminated at The Hockey News. I had lost some desire to write on a daily basis and Alec offered a spot to park Leafs thoughts. It spawned some ideas, including the People’s Revolution.

    With the Annual and growing prominence of the site, it’s my pleasure to introduce the Podcast, STICK WORK, with Fab and Kats, brought to you by MLHS.

    This is how you start a revolution.


    After long and hard work, let me say that it’s my pleasure to let you all know I will be announcing the podcast to the world on Monday August 31, 2009. It’s the dawn of a new era for the Leafs, MLHS and this fabulous group of talented writers. I am proud to be associated with this site, and more importantly with you all.

    It’s tough to get something like this off the ground and to lineup what I feel will be some interesting guests, although not every podcast will have a guest. I still would love to feature all of you as guests at some point.

    The podcast will be called ‘STICK WORK’ and from what I feel, with the new found celebrity and in light of the recent Annual, Brownscombe should be the first guest, no? Somehow, I think the boy might be a bit shy, so how bout some encouragement from the rest of the crew.

    Richard Steven-Williams
    Hey all,

    Awesome news and to think a year ago I was toiling away on the “Hockey Bums” blog. It’s been amazing to see how the site has taken off over the offseason and an honor to see my name up their with you guys. This is just another of those announcements that promises to make the MLHS an even more exciting place. After the annual there seems to be a real sense of momentum behind all that you and Alec and the rest of the writers have worked towards.

    I hope I get an invite one day, in the meantime I would say “The Godfather” Alec would make a stellar first guest.


    Garrett Bauman
    To see how far things have come is truly amazing, guys, and is a credit to all of you. Something I’ve noticed is the writers on MLHS engage/interact with the readers much more than the other sites, and I personally believe the bond that forms with the readers is the secret to the site’s success.

    Looking forward to the podcast, Gus. I agree, the Godfather should be the first guest. Although I must say I’d love to see you get Berger on at some point, too … LOL wouldn’t that be a riot!!!

    Cheers, again great work, everyone.


    Mike Aldred
    This is an exciting time for all of us and Leafs fans alike. MLHS is quickly becoming a hot topic around the world of hockey media, and I’ve noticed several sites immediately linking anything we’ve written. It’s been a blast working alongside all of you for the betterment of the site and I look forward to celebrating MLHS’ one year anniversary.

    Not sure when you’re hosting the podcast with the Godfather, but if the announcement is on the 31st and the first podcast is thereafter, perhaps September 3rd (the 1 year anniversary) would be a timely decision to kick it off.



    Nikhil Daljeet
    I can’t say enough about how much fun this has been and how proud I am are of our joint success.

    And yes Gus, I think the people would all want to hear “El Che” on the first podcast, great idea!


    Brad Stowe
    Sounds fantastic!

    While my contributions haven’t been as frequent as some of you, I’m hoping to improve this coming season.

    MLHS has come along way, and it really is a privilege to be allowed to contribute along side you fellas who, quite frankly (like my Bettman impression?), are very talented and do write fantastic articles.

    I think a well done podcast will put MLHS to the top.

    Definitely, Alec should be up first. The Annual looks to be very promising. I’m itching to get my copy on the newstands on the 8th.

    Don Brownscombe? The people have spoken … shall I pencil you in?

    We’re making you an offer you can’t refuse.

    I wish we could be up and running by Sept 3, but it’s impossible. We are targeting Training Camp, but even that is a bit hit/miss. It will be up and running before the season opener however.

    Alec “Don” Brownscombe
    Gus, I said that I would listen to you because I had heard that you were a serious man, to be treated with respect. But I must say no to you and let me give you my reasons. It’s true I have a lot of friends in hockey, but they wouldn’t be so friendly if they knew my business was podcasts instead of magazines which they consider a harmless vice. But podcasts, that’s a dirty business.

    I’m in. 🙂

    For accepting the offer, Gus has decided to give you one of his prized possessions…a sheep from his flock.

    Scot Loucks
    Congratulations and Good Luck


    Andrew R
    Hey guys – very happy to be onboard so early on in this websites development and growth..

    Fun times ahead – and personally, cant wait to here Alec on “Stick Work” .


    Very excited about the podcast! MLHS has come a long way. It’s hard to believe the site has only been around for a year, as the popularity it generates makes you think it’s been around much longer.

    The articles you guys publish are always quality and have helped me improve my own writing along the way. Bright things ahead!

    Now…for the love of all things holy… can the season just start already!!!!??

    Alex Tran
    Taken over the web, print, and now the radio waves. Well played fellas.


    That’s how you start a revolution .. you infiltrate the architecture….

    Che! Che! Che!


    Folks, meet Fab, co-host of Stick Work:

    At some point, people are going to want to know what makes me tick besides a pulse heartbeat as starting points. Along with those two very important elements, I’m a complete fanatic of the four major sports…more so hockey than anything else. Some people will say I’m neurotic and borderline schizophrenic. I say…they’re right.

    As experience is concerned, I am a Radio Broadcasting Major from Humber College; Class of 97’, Humber is the same school from which George Stromboulopoulos graduated. Do you know how stressful it was to spell his last name (Gus’s note: Pfft, I could spell that easily)? Time to let my employer know I’m going on long-term disability.

    Aside from being a self-described sports fanatic, I’m a rocker through thick and thin. If you’re an Englebert Humperdinck fan and talking smack, you’re going down faster than the Titanic. If you’re a fan of Zeppelin, you’ll get a mulligan every time.

    From a podcast perspective, my style is simple…I’ll give everyone the benefit of the doubt. If the same mistakes are being made to the point where all patience is lost, I’ll turn against you and it won’t be pretty. It’s like David Baxter becoming the Hulk. That’s all I got to say for now and I look forward to our chats during the season.

    Thanks to MLHS for this opportunity.