Van Ryn’s Surgery


    Based on several reports, Van Ryn is opting for knee surgery that could potential spell the end of his career. According to TSN, “Van Ryn is having an osteotomy, a procedure by which the bone is cut and the knee is realigned. This type of surgery is usually performed on the elderly.”

    The former first round pick has been plagued his entire career by injuries and it seems it has come to an end. The Maple Leafs were hoping he could return and help out their ailing defensive squad, but refused to encourage him to play until he was given permission to due so by the doctors, as well as Van Ryn’s own consent.

    While it is an unfortunate situation for the Leafs, Van Ryn had to re-evaluate his perception of a hockey career in comparisson to his personal life. If the surgery was required in order for him to do all that he wants to do with his family.

    “We had a baby,” said Van Ryn. “That was the highlight of the summer.”

    Van Ryn had hoped his knee would hold up for the season in his interview with the Toronto Star in September, but it seems it was not meant to be. “I can’t wait,”‘ said Van Ryn. “It’s been a long road. I’m close, it’s just we’re taking it easy with the knee.”

    Steve Yzerman underwent the same procedure in 2002, but many felt he never fully recovered enough to play the way he had in the 90s. Van Ryn’s chances as a 30 year old to have the procedure and try to work his way back into the NHL is as good as any if he still has the drive to do so and can remain healthy on his quest.

    Regardless, it was certainly something he and his family felt was necessary to have done. Best wishes for Van Ryn’s recovery and future career in the NHL.

    Micheal A. Aldred