Tlusty Lost, Paradis Gained


    Here’s a description of Paradis from the 2009 McKeen’s Hockey Draft Guide with a quote from CHL reporter for Rogers Sportsnet Patrick King.

    Paradis makes up for a lack of skill through his work ethic, which is among the best in the draft. He’s a heart-and-soul player who recklessly sacrifices his body for his team. His defensive positioning is one of his strongest attributes, as Paradis cuts off passing lanes and will dive to knock an errant puck out of the zone.

    Paradis likes mixing it up and never backs down from a physical confrontation. He finishes his checks hard and has the strength to drive through his opponents. He is fairly disciplined in his approach, however, and will let up on a hit if the other player is in a vulnerable position.

    Paradis is not a natural scorer and was almost sent down his first year due to a lack of production. His shot needs improvement, particularly on the velocity as he will try to beat a goaltender five-hole when the top corner is open. He sometimes appears reluctant to shoot as he does not possess the soft hands to make the plays in tight.

    “He will never put up gaudy offensive totals but his work ethic and presence will make him an effective pro,” McKeen’s managing editor Patrick King said.

    Paradis thrives on physical contact and wins many battles along the boards. He will take a hit to make a play and is fairly safe in his approach defensively. His top-end speed is deceptive as he never stops moving his feet. He’s a safe pick given his will to succeed.