Win Leafs Tickets! Get F’ed With Ed: Game #1 (Dec. 9 vs NYI)


    The MLHS Holiday Giveaway Contest is opening it’s first official game thread.  All eligible participants will have the opportunity to win a ticket to the January 14th Leafs game against the Flyers!  This is the first of seventeen Leafs games (from Dec. 9th to Jan. 9th) that will be counted towards the contest.  Simply make some gutsy predictions in these threads before the beginning of each game and try to climb to the top of the standings!

    Before you begin, make sure you read the introductory post for this contest here.  It has everything you need to know about how the contest works and what you need to do to play.  The three winners will get to attend the January 14th Leafs game with Ed Flannery, a MLHS veteran with some spare tickets (great seats too!) and the desire to show the ACC how to root for their team.

    Get F’ed with Ed is a month-long contest.  You’ll be making 3 predictions before every Leafs game, and be awarded a certain amount of points, as follows:

    1. The Winning Team (1 point) – Which team will win the game? (don’t worry, you aren’t obliged to pick the Leafs)

    2. The Final Score (2 points) – Predict the final game score!  WHEN (in OT, SO, or regulation) the game is won is NOT required.

    3. The First Goal Scorer (2 points) – Who is going to score the first goal of the game? (your selection can obviously be from either team)

    All eligible participants’ scores will be tallied, updated, and displayed as ongoing standings.

    Tomorrow (Wednesday, December 9th) is the first of the seventeen games that will be counted for Get F’ed with Ed.  You can throw down your guesses starting right now, but we’ll always give you a day or more to think about it.  Submissions will only be accepted on this thread, and will be accepted until one minute before game time as indicated by your time of posting.  Remember, you may only post one prediction per game.  Should you post additional predictions at any point throughout the thread before that night’s deadline, only the last post will be accepted.  The rest shall be ignored.

    Most importantly, to be considered as an eligible participant of this contest you need to send in a 100-word submission by the  Sunday, December 13th deadline to (read about what you need to include).  We’ll happily record everyone’s points for the first three games of this contest, but if you have not submitted your piece by the deadline, you’ll no longer be considered eligible for the prize and we’ll stop tracking your standing.

    I’ll periodically throw in a little info that may help you make your decision (or make it harder, who knows?).

    Nik’s Tips

    Goals/game: Leafs are 15th.  Islanders are 22nd.

    Goals against/game: Leafs are 29th.  Islanders are 22nd.

    Leading goal scorers: For the Leafs, Hagman has 14 G in 28 games (although Kessel has a better goals/game ratio).  Hagman has 1 G in his last 5, whereas Kessel has 2 in his last 3.  For the Islanders, Moulson has 14 G in29 games with 4 G in the last 6 games.

    Trends: The Islanders will be playing the second half of a back-to-back road trip.  They have three wins in their last 8 games and have been dropping a number of games by three or more goals.

    There you have it! Take a chance, follow some of your hunches.   If it all works out, you’ll be able to trashtalk your fellow MLHSers and you may land some Leafs tickets!    A quick, easy game that nobody should miss out on, so make sure you tell all your friends.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or here on the site.