Get F’ed With Ed Reminder – E-Mail us Today!


    This is a reminder to all readers interested in winning Leafs tickets in the MLHS Giveaway Contest.  We’ve played 3 contest games so far (with a whopping 14 more to go) and have over 200 active players!

    However, if you want to be eligible for the big prize you need to quickly e-mail as the deadline is the end of today (Sunday) for your submission!

    All we need is a VERY short blurb with some important information:

    -Your name

    -Display name with which you post on MLHS

    -Age (must be 19 or older)

    -Location (so we know you can get to the game)

    -A FEW words on why you’d like to win these tickets

    The main purpose of this is so we have your information.  Name and age are very important as we can’t be handing these tickets out to minors.  It also provides us with an e-mail to contact you with in the situation that you do win!

    We have over 200 readers who have made predictions for this very fun contest.  Only 50 are currently eligible as they’ve e-mailed us.

    Just fire off that quick e-mail by 11:59 PM tonight to  If we don’t receive anything from you by that point, we will assume you just want to play for fun and are not interested in the tickets.  This is more than encouraged as it will be a fun month-long competition.  However, if you are not eligible to win the prize, we won’t be tracking your point totals for you and you won’t be displayed in the contest standings.  No exceptions.

    Keep it under 100 words.  It’ll take no more than a minute and give you a legitimate chance to win some Leafs tickets (at this point, even people with 0 points are still in it).

    The prediction thread for tomorrow night’s game against the Senators will be up tomorrow morning.