Ron Wilson’s Rant


    Don’t get me wrong here, I have no problem with Ron Wilson being critical of his players at yesterday’s practice. They know that they have to compete their absolute hardest in order to win, and yet, they don’t show up half of the time.

    However, the blame doesn’t belong solely on the players here, and it seems like Ron Wilson will never see that. Here are some of the things he said yesterday that are bugging me:

    “We’ve got to compete harder, not just when we’re down 2-0.”
    – Yes, that’s true, but maybe if you prepared your team a little better, they wouldn’t be down 2-0 every other game.

    “We need more individuals holding themselves accountable.”
    What about yourself Ron? I thought coaching was all about preparation and special teams. Your penalty-killing is 69.7%. Yeah, we all know you had the number one penalty-kill in San Jose using the same system, but you don’t have the same pieces here. Don’t you see that it’s not working? Don’t you have to adapt to what you have?

    Finally, why are you criticizing the media and saying that “This is our office and it should be off-limits,” when you well knew that they were listening when you ripped in to your team. You chose to address them in front of the media, instead of in the locker room, so don’t complain about the media watching practice. It’s a little hypocritical.

    Again, I have no problem with you calling out your players, or the media for that matter. Just know that you deserve to be called out too.

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