Finger for Huet?


    Sources (here and here) are floating the possibility of a Jeff Finger trade to Chicago.  The Leafs would receive Cristobal Huet and possibly a draft pick in return.

    This rumored move would fall under the category of a salary dump for Chicago, something that Brian Burke said he is very open to provided his club receives additional compensation (in this case, the possibly-included draft pick).  Still, this is a confusing swap of bad salaries.  Some have suggested that Chicago would be chasing Vokoun once they shed Huet’s salary, but it would take quite the package to pry the reliable goaltender from Florida.

    From a Leafs perspective, it becomes hazy when you realize there would be one-too-many goaltenders (Gustavsson, Giguere and Huet) in Toronto.  It’s highly unlikely that either of the Monster or Giguere get moved by Burke, so Huet would have to somehow be removed from the equation.  This could potentially be carried out by flipping Huet in another deadline trade.  At this moment, this is still speculation, but two radio stations out of Chicago and multiple twitterers have reported this, so there is likely something to it.