Luca Caputi – Tuesday Prospect Report


    Everyone should know Bloge Salming and his extraordinary ability at visual arts.

    His skits are over the top funny and when in collaboration with Down Goes Brown, the comedy has resonance beyond video.

    They’re not only funny, but legendary. True comedic (and patriotic) genius.

    I was proud to add a prospect scouting report to his creative visuals for a Tuesday Prospect Report. Leading up to the draft in June, we’ll be looking at a Leafs prospect in a unique way. the first one features newest Leaf, Luca Caputi originally on the Bloge Salming site.

    A reminder, I will be Live blogging the Leafs/Bruins game from the ACC press box tonight. Make sure to come on by and have some fun with all of us at Maple Leafs Hot Stove. Jonas Gustavsson gets the start and according to MLHS’s own Daniel Santos Mikhail Grabovski also returns to the lineup from a wrist injury.