Gretzky and Friends to Buy Stars?


    It seems Wayne Gretzky's days as an NHL owner are far from over. According to the Dallas Observer, the Great One, Mike Modano and Brett Hull are looking to collectively purchase the Dallas Stars from owner Tom Hicks.

    "It's nothing formal, as if they're about to sign on the dotted line," a source told the Observer. "But it's gone past kicking the tires. This could happen."

    The source also states that while there may be others involved, the group's intention is to keep the team in Dallas, and that "the proceedings will not begin until Hicks is able to complete the sale of the Texas Rangers to incoming owner Chuck Greenberg.  That deal is expected to be finalized mid-April," according to the TSN report.

    It would be beneficial for the Gretzky group to gain control of the franchise. Keeping hockey teams in the hands of true hockey minds – despite Brett Hull signing Avery in Dallas – is always a positive for the league. It assures its fan base that the decisions made in the press box truly are for the betterment of the on ice product and its fans and not necessarily for the money.

    How would you feel as a player or a fan to have these three running your franchise?

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    Micheal A. Aldred