Prospect Watch: Stefanovich Speaks Out


Leafs prospect, Mikhail Stefanovich was quoted in an interview on the internet site of Belarussian newspaper, ‘Sports Panorma’ about his relationship with Patrick Roy, the Canadian lifestyle contrast and commentary on the people of Quebec City … the article also mentions his favorite NHL team, which isn’t the Maple Leafs.

(Gus Katsaros) — I am unfortunately not fluent in French beyond, “Spacek passez le rondelle a Cammallerri, et le but!” and meaning and emotion is lost in translation.

Fluent in French friend, Rick, did some loose translation of the article quoting the Maple Leafs 4th round, 98th overall selection in the 2008 draft.

Article Highlights and Loose Translations

– “The difference between Belarus and Canada is that here, people may act like your friend or teammate but when your back is turned, they are taking about you to the coach. In Belarus, at least we tell things to the player to his face.”

– “I lived with Patrick Roy for a year. I did not really get along with him. When i left we said goodbye, wished each other good luck and that was it. His two sons are both in show-business. I found them interesting to talk to.”

– I never got the know the city of Quebec. I lived in suburbs and never really left. The only person i talked to what Dmitry Kugryshev. I got really fed up of the same trips and facing the same teams”

– “I liked the fans of Quebec. Good or bad, they are always there unlike people from my home country”.

– Author mentions that Stefanovich’s favorite team is the Red Wings due to their history of Russian players and that he dreams of playing in the NHL.

If the words hold true about being ‘fed up’ taking the same trips and facing same teams, proof may be in the lowest goal totals in his three year junior career.

The 20 year-old was named CHL Player of the Week for the week ending January 31, where he scored six goals (24% of total 25) and 11 points in three games (3-6-5-11, plus-7).

It’s unclear what this means for the 20-year-old who will not be returning to junior. He made a reference to joining the Toronto Marlies next year, the transition into the pros that brought him to North America in the first place.

There is one troubling issue with this article that may be lost in translation, that of his favorite team being Detroit. Is this a respect for the past inclusion of Russian players into their lineup, or is this a current favorite that overshadows his dedication to the Maple Leafs.

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