Phaneuf to become 17th captain in Leafs history


Sources tell TSN that the Toronto Maple Leafs are expected to name Dion Phaneuf as the club’s 17th captain next week.

The team is holding a press conference on Monday, where the club says it will make an announcement and unveil a new Maple Leafs sweater.
-Darren Dreger

While seemingly a long time coming given the rumblings since late in the season, this decision still strikes me as a bit rushed. I understand the excitement with Phaneuf immediately stepping into the locker room, winning the respect of his peers and taking hold of a leadership role with little hesitation, but I’d rather see a player in Phaneuf’s position settle in for another half season to make sure it’s beyond early enthusiasm and instead the veritable right decision. Nonetheless, early indications are that he’s the right man for the job.

Here are the jersey mock-ups courtesy of LeafsHQ. After simplifying with the original reebok design, the double horizontal stripe is making a return as well as a shoulder patch of a traditional Leaf. A nice fresh look with a throwback feel.