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A pair of MLHS readers have kindly submitted FanPosts for your reading enjoyment. Logan Macneil makes the case for converting Tomas Kaberle into a top six forward while Steve Hitchins previews some of the highly anticipated fisticuffs match-ups for the upcoming season. A big pat on the back for both these gentlemen for taking the time.

Is it possible that Burke already has that missing top 6 forward? Its been told time and time again that Brian Burke, the maple leafs bold leader, will only move Tomas Kaberle if the move lands him a top 6 forward. Well could it be that this may even be easier than we all think? Could it been done without even changing the roster? This idea I’m about to pitch was originally brought forward to me by my father a long time ago ( 5 or so years) and somewhat recently pitched by the ever charming Howard “the hack” Berger. I myself am not even sure how I feel about this idea, I’ve historically been opposed to it but as this whole saga drags on it seems to almost start to make sense.

Kaberle doesn’t like to use his slap shot and he has a great wrist shot. His foot speed is above average and he has terrific hands and passing ability. He doesn’t play an overly physical game and spends more time producing offence than defence. What If he could be that top 6 forward? I know a lot of people may think that’s stupid and I honestly can’t say I completely disagree. But is it worth a shot? Brian Burke is willing to part with kaberle for a forward, its speculated that his replacement is the newly signed brett lebda. Well, is it worth a try? Its hard to imagine kaberle wouldn’t be somewhat effective.

Obviously it may be tough to convince a 32 year old vetran to completely overhaul his entire game, that he really has perfected to a tee. Though on the flip side he continually states he wants to stay in Toronto and it’s becoming obvious that he doesn quite “fit” into the leafs blueline corps these days, does he want to stay here THAT bad? Lets say you’re Ron Wilson and kaberle approaches you and suggests he can try playing forward, what goes through your head and what action do you take? As a fan would you accept this or be willing to give it a shot? Think about it. It’s interesting at the very least.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Logan Macneil

Let’s throw some fists!

This year with Orr and Brown the leafs have some interesting match ups to look forward too in the fighting department.

How about Rangers vs Leafs?

Boogaard vs Orr
Prust vs Brown

How about Philly Vs Leafs?

Shelley vs Orr
Laperriere/Carcillo vs Brown

Pittsburgh brings a variety of options:

Godard/Rupp vs Orr
Adams/Cooke vs Brown

Lets not forget Ottawa:

Carkner vs Orr (we all want more of that battle)
Neil vs Brown

Those are just some of the big fights that could come this year. Who do you think would win those match ups? are there other match ups that you are looking forward to?

Steve Hitchins

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