Apologies and Quick Numbers


    As you’ve probably noticed, the amount of content here on MLHS has slowed down a bit over the last little. We sincerely apologize for this and ask that you remain patient as many of our staff writers are working and re-working their drafts for the 2010 Maple Leafs Annual that comes out this fall. We ensure you that things will be back up and running at a regular pace soon. Now with that said, I do have a couple interesting figures to toss your way.

    The Crappy Goalie Effect

    Goaltending has been the Achilles Heel in this city for the past couple seasons, thanks in great part to the sieve-like efforts of Andrew Raycroft and more recently Vesa Toskala. How much of an effect did it have?

    In games started by Vesa Toskala or Joey Macdonald:

    Record: 8 – 16 – 3 for 19 out of a possible 54 points

    82 Game Pace: 58 points

    In games started by J.S. Giguere or Jonas Gustavsson:

    Record: 22 – 22 – 11 for 55 out of a possible 110 points

    82 Game Pace: 82 points

    The Phaneuf/Giguere/Sjostrom effect on the PK

    Prior to January 31st blockbuster:

    PK – 140/200 = 70.0%, ranked last in the NHL

    After January 31st blockbuster:

    PK – 75/88 = 85.2%, ranked 5th in the NHL

    I know, I know. They’re just numbers, but they do provide some reason for optimism heading into October. Defense and goaltending is they key to winning in this league, and there is some indication that the club could see some significant improvement in those areas next season. Replacing Finger/Exelby minutes with Komisarek/Lebda minutes should help as well.

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