For One of our Own: Amoroq


As many of you are now aware we received this post from one of own Amoroq last nite:

I lost a nephew today, he was 20 years old, it was sudden, and quite a shock. The family is in need of assistance due various layoffs and they need help to give the kind of funeral he deserves. My Sister has negotiated the sum down from $10,000.00 to $6626.00 but still they need help. I know its a large amount, but any little bit will help. $5.00, $10.00 anything.

Please follow the link below, it is my Wife’s blog and may not be your cup of tea but this is where you will find the donation box.

My thanks in advance.

As long as I have been a contributor at MLHS, Amoroq has been a regular supporter of our site, in fact as Alec informed me in his e-mail last nite when I should of posted this, Amoroq’s contribution’s pre-date mine, responding as he did way back on our very first post:

Look at that, 13 responses. As the site has grown Amoroq (as well as those of you who may remember that post) have been ever present and I know Alec, as well as myself and the rest of our contributors are all grateful for the support shown and as such wanted to show our support at this difficult time and do whatever we can to promote his families cause.

I like to think of this site as a community and Amoroq has been integral to that since the very beginning. I know many of you have already contributed, but for those who haven’t I hope you can find the time to visit his wifes site and contribute what you can.

For one of our own and with our sincerest condolences, the MLHS.