Gamers: Win a Free Copy of NHL 11!


    Listen up MLHS readers, here’s your chance to show the rest of the hockey world that this is the best hockey community on the net. Rivalspot, a video game tournament company, will be sponsoring an NHL 10 tournament on either XBOX 360 or PS3 with the winner taking home a brand new copy of the upcoming NHL 11 game. There is NO ENTRY FEE! The current format will be a elimination-style 16 player bracket per tournament with the 1st place finisher taking home the prize.

    The Penguins bloggers from Pensblog and the boys from Pension Plan Puppets will be among the competitors. We’re expecting some intense inter-community rivalry and we’re expecting you guys to come out in droves and support the MLHS name. Our Godfather, Alec Brownscome (gamer tag – pwnikarovsky) and myself (gamer tag- Acekicker777) will be front and centre. Feel free to challenge us anytime if you’re looking for a pre-tournament warmup. I’ll be putting my skills and my *cough 63% win percentage cough* on full display.

    Refer to this post over at PPP for further contest details and registration information:

    What I Need You Guys to Do:

    1. Click the above image to register even though we don’t have a tournament yet. That will let me know if we need to have more than one tournament.
    2. Post in the comments what system you want to play on. I know we have a ton of Xbox 360 users but I don’t know how many people have NHL 10 on the PS3. If there’s interest there will be a PS3 tournament.
    3. Post when would be good for you to play. Not “this Wednesday at 7pm” be more flexible: something like “weeknights” or “weekend afternoons”, etc.
    4. Feel free to give us feedback if you hate promotions and getting free copies of new video games.

    Hockey, free stuff and heated rivalries. Does it get any better?