Remember that MLHS Free Agency Contest? Winner: DLB


While there did turn out to be three signings from Burke and co. this off-season, it looks as though only one turned out predictable. The other two were a surprise signing in Brett Lebda (props to “Foliage,” the only user to see this one coming, albeit at a predicted 1 year, 0.75 million, hmmm) and the inking of Clarke MacArthur, who was at the time of the contest not a UFA as he didn’t enter the market until the ridiculous arbitration ruling in late July. Perhaps it was a poorly designed contest given the weak UFA crop. Or maybe too many of you wasted a guess on Ilya Kovalchuk.

Either way, outside of Foliage’s Lebda pick, the Colby Armstrong signing was the only correct prediction throughout the contest thread, with 76 participants getting the name right and 13 estimating the salary and term for the full 4 points. Here are those 13 again:

Beathoven, Tiguak, moimoi28, GordieOrr, dlb, xXGods SoldierXx, 2 Minutes for Looking so Guru, Sugar Hill, Sk8trBoi, Doorman, CbtSpr, JD and CarltontheBear.

There is now only one way to decide the winner of the jersey – pure and utter luck. I will draw one lucky individual’s name out of a hat at 7 p.m. EST tonight and following a Chevy Chase drumroll I will reveal a winner in this thread. The winner will have to supply name, address and desired jersey specifications to me via email (

Good luck to all.