From The Archives: Exclusive Interview With Alex Steen


First, a confession.  Or, more like an obvious statement.

I love covering hockey.  I love covering it, in all of its forms and states.  I love writing game recaps and game previews.  I love writing opinion pieces, and I love talking with those in the hockey business, to pick their brains whenever possible.

Also, one thing most know about me, is that I love the world of radio.

To me, there is nothing better than a day at work when you have the sports radio station on, hours upon hours of good debate, quality guests, and overall exciting programming.

In a perfect world, I’d love to do MLHS radio once a week (if not more) but I know all of us have pretty hectic schedules.  In my time before I became a writer on this site, I spent most of my time toiling in the minor leagues of sports writing.  I did a decent job of gaining interviews and access to players.  I began to develop the practice of recording all interviews I did, for the purpose of later transcribing them.

Going through my computer today, I realized I still have them.

First up in “From The Archives” I wanted to share the exclusive one-on-one interview I did with former Maple Leafs first round pick Alex Steen.  This interview was completed a few weeks following his trade out of Toronto, and while some of it may be time sensitive, there is a lot of good information in there still relevant, including his thoughts on Ron Wilson, the Leafs, and more.

A quick reminder that the audio files may be slightly rough and unpolished, as I wasn’t sure at the time anyone would ever hear them.

Alex Steen Interview Pt. 1 (Clip runs long, however, audio ends around the 8:15 mark)

Alex Steen Interview Pt. 2