Post-Game Reaction Thread: Back to Basics


You have to wonder if the Leafs got a bit ahead of themselves after the 4-0 start. The offensive game has gotten way too cute; time to simplify, get the puck deep and drive the net. The Leafs tried to play their offensive game above the harshmarks tonight and the result was countless odd man counterattacks (*cough* Versteeg *cough*). Phil Kessel and Clarke MacArthur currently have 12 of 20 Leaf goals this year; members of the secondary cast have to step up production.

For the defence’s part – the overaggressive pinching and joining of the rush and careless giveaways must stop (Schenn and Gunnarsson notwithstanding tonight – Schenn continues to be a stalwart defensively and Gunnarsson had a pretty good bounceback game). Full marks to Flyers, they were hungry and strong in all three zones. Would’ve loved to see how Boucher would’ve fared if tested with more rubber, however. Keep in mind it’s a process for this young team and the season is long.

On a positive note: