Congratulations to R.J. Emptage!


    To begin with, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to share their wonderfully touching stories and personal experiences with myself and the rest of the MLHS community. I truly wish I had a pair of tickets for every single person, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. On the bright side however, tomorrow night is going to be quite a memorable evening for a special young lady, as MLHS reader R.J. Emptage will be taking his two and a half year old daughter to her very first Maple Leaf game. Follow the story after the jump to read R.J.’s submission.

    “I will start by recalling my first time watching the beloved Blue and White in person. I was roughly 10 years old and my father after years of begging was able to obtain some tickets to see the Leafs take on the Washington Capitals at the Maple Leafs Gardens. I was in absolute shock as I walked into the arena, and the next day so was my mother. I was wearing a new Maple Leaf jacket with a front pouch pocket, and my dad bought me a large bag of M&M’s. Being the typical father, he allowed me to empty the M&M’s into my front pouch and of course I left a few in there. The next morning my mother was livid because my brand new jacket had numerous colors of the rainbow stained on the inside. Needless to say besides the Leafs winning 7-1 it was that memory that will last with me.

    Keeping the tradition going I would love to take my 2 1/2 year old daughter to a Leaf game. It was just 2 weeks ago that we sat right at the glass for her first live hockey game which unfortunately was a Bulldog’s game. As the game got going, she asked me “Daddy, where is Maple Leaf and Carlton”. She loved it and I was a little worried that the hits against the glass would startle her, but she was all for it. Beyond that I have trained her to become the biggest “Little Leaf Fan”. She won’t sleep at night without this little hamster dressed in Leaf gear that plays “the good old hockey game”. It’s funny because when she rolls on it, we sometimes hear the tune in the middle of the night. It doesn’t even wake her up, and my wife really enjoys it lol. Prior to the opening game of the season I had her cheering Go Leafs Go. She had never seen or heard the cheer on TV and when she did, her eyes lit up. I couldn’t even get her to stop, not that I wanted her to. Looking at her standing there in her little jersey chanting Go Leafs Go simply brought tears to my eyes. Two things I love most in life are my little girl and my Leafs and I would love the opportunity to give her the chance to see the team she loves as well.”

    Let’s hope for a “W” tomorrow night!