What Does Loyalty Mean To You?


Loy·alty (-tē)

Noun pl. loyalties -·ties

Defined as a quality, state, or instance of being loyal; faithfulness or faithful adherence to a person, government, cause, duty, etc.

In the midst of one of the worst blowout losses (7-0) in the history of the beloved Toronto Maple Leafs I thought I would pose a question, what does loyalty mean to you?  The idea came to me after I simply asked on my twitter account if there was actually a team in the NHL right now that you wouldn’t trade roster for roster with the Leafs? 

I said it half joking though try and answer that question yourself. There really are not many teams in worse shape roster wise than the Leafs – sad but true.  It sparked a good debate and here is some highlites of the conversation that took place.

I received a response from a fellow ‘twit’ and friend Alex who wrote:

@tdotsports1 devils, habs, sens, oilers, wild, canes, just to name a few. It’s what we got, we need to deal with it, as frustrating as it is.

With that I responded:

strange, most of those teams are ahead of us in the standings, and HAVE been since the cap started!

So he commented:

@tdotsports1 point was that as a diehard fan for too long, it’s devastating to see other (assuming) diehards want to trade their team out.

Finally, I ended the friendly banter with:

maybe but I don’t care about the name(s) on the back of the jersey, only the name on the front… #loyaltotheend

Which brings me to the central thesis – is he loyal because he fully supports the players or am I because I truly only care about the name on the front of the jersey and the names of players are fully interchangeable for me.  Isn’t that really the ultimate loyalty?  I care so much that I expect more from our players and if they can’t get the job done I have no qualms seeing any of them go if it means a better fate for the team as a whole.

Am I not a loyal Leafs fan because I feel in a cost conscience cap-world Colby Armstrong is slightly overpaid or our captain Dion Phaneuf is grossly overrated?  While I will always support the players that don the blue and white unlike some other teams fan bases who feel all of their players can do no wrong I have to remain impartial to the actual talent and skill level of a player, jersey be damned.

For me, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

What does loyalty mean to you?