D’Amigo Getting Chirped


D'Amigo getting roughed up by a couple of Greyhounds

After a consistently inconsistent first half of the season with the Marlies, forward prospect Jerry D’Amigo was recently demoted to the OHL, joining the Kitchener Rangers for their stretch run. Jerry Hicks of The Record explains to us that since getting sent down, D’Amigo has been the target of all sorts of trash talk from opposing players:

“They just say, you know, ‘Way to get sent down’. Things like that,” said D’Amigo. “I’ve just got to brush it off.”

Instead of chirping back, the young American has let his play do most of the talking thus far with 2 goals and 2 assists in 2 games played, both Ranger wins. Kitchener Head Coach Steve Spott explained that D’Amigo has provided the team with a  big boost to their special teams play and is always a threat to score shorthanded. However, he warns that Jerry will be the target of opposing checking lines every night and will have to be mentally tough to flourish.

The Maple Leafs‘ brass hope that a strong finish to the season and a lengthy playoff run with the Rangers will help D’Amigo regain his confidence and notch some big game experience under his belt. Early signs out of Kitchener are positive.