Game In 10 – Game 71


    Hello, this is Xterratu, a former member of LeafsHQ and a lovable Croatian hockey dude. What, did you think I’d retire? I’m too young for that sh*t. An offer from the Hot Stove is too good to pass up, and this is my way of thanking MLHS for giving me this chance to write again. Thanks guys. I’m glad to be a part of the crew. Nothing is over, including the Game In 10 which is back and is more awesome than a big wombat in heat (ever). More for the biggest win of the season.

    1 – The Leafs are 31-30-10 Ka ching!

    2 – Guess who’s back, back again, Kadri’s back, and me, but Kadri’s more important because Matt Lasshoff just doesn’t get the coverage of our top prospect. What’s that Colborne?

    3 – I don’t know why I still get excited when we go on the PP because we DION’T PHANEUF! Why do I think the majority of his play this season has to do with that cut early on? He’s been an offensive monster during the most important time in the season. Pretty captainy. 5 goals in 10 games.

    4 – Grabo gets the A, and if you don’t like that you must not like hardworking productive hockey and that probably deserves a spanking. No, I’m not doing it, ask your girlfriend/boyfriend etc. I’d continue but it just gets kinky.

    5 – Boyce to Bozak for a quickfire double, one has to think that a player can’t do anything more than what Boyce is doing to keep his spot on the roster.

    6 – Joffrey Lupul is a pretty good defensive player, even better when desperation kicks in, you know how that mom lifted a car to save her baby? Well, Lupul isn’t a baby!

    7 – When Paul Hendrick announced James Reimer was starting I thought to myself – ok, now we’ll see what the kid is made of. Turns out he’s made of ice. So cool he’s Frosty the Snowman. James Reimer? James Reimer. A 36 save performance for the W.

    8 – Pierre McGuire calls Luke Schenn the human eraser, does that mean he erases humans with an eraser for a head or that he got bit by a radioactive piece of stationary? Good thing he isn’t known as a human rubber. Just an awesome game by him.

    9 – I’m not about hyping kids, so I’ll just say what your eyes are saying, Lashoff had a somewhat solid game. I’m really starting to like our D core now. Oh, and Komisarek got injured. Despite that crippling fact…no I can’t do it.

    10 – Even with this win, playoffs are still a mile away. But what’s wrong with just believing? Nothing else you can do really. Either way, there’s something to be said for one of the youngest teams in the league, a rebuilding team, that’s playing meaningful hockey mid March. PS If you don’t like the Game In 10 now, give it time, it’ll grow on you like skin disease, but a good…ah never mind.