Game In 10 – Game 75


    This was the only meeting between these two teams this year and in a time where a loss practically means crashing out of the playoff race for good, some mountain climbing proved enough for the W. Continue for belief.

    1 – The Leafs are 34-31-10 and yeah, playoffs could be attainable, it’s going to require a ton of work, but maybe just maybe…

    2 – The main thing we didn’t like in the Minnesota game was the breakaway chances we gave up. That Colorado goal – shorthanded breakaway, one of two on that PP, on a side note it figures that Daniel Winnik’s first ever SH goal had to come against the Leafs – Reimer had to gobble up or steer that puck better on the first backhand attempt. Yes, yes, I still love him.

    3 – Komisarek throwing a big CLEAN hit on the Leafs blue line early and had to answer for it soon after in a fight against C. Gaunce, with a couple of punches thrown and Komi gets the takedown. For a guy that hasn’t been the same since that Lucic fight, it’s good for him to get his confidence back this way. I also understand the danger of headshots, but have a feeling the league is being borderline paranoid right now. Okay, so you want to remove headshots, make all contact to the head illegal and you won’t get a ton support from me because head contact is an unfortunate result of a game where people skate and crash and bang into each other, and because it could change the makeup of our game forever (too many calls etc.). But if you WANTED to that’s what you do. No question that player health is more important than fan fun, I just don’t think that’s the way to do it.

    4 – Nikolai Kulemin is our puck treasure. 44th overall pick that is turning out to be a steal of his draft class, offense, defense, dirty goals, puck battles, so kool it’s spelled with a K.

    5 – 2 goals by Kulemin tonight, which ties him with Grabo and gets him one behind Kessel for the scoring lead – it seems that we could see more than our fair share of 30 goal scorers this season. In other news, leading scientists looking for answers – what makes Toronto the goalscoring Mecca?

    6 – Bozak scores his 13th goal on the year with a nice re-direct goal of Schenn’s slap pass. On a  side note, to Kadri an open net just looks like a lion unhinging his jaw, but the miss is not completely his fault, his shot got blocked and the kid had a good shift setting up Joey Crabb with a good chance. I’m still undecided about his contribution with the big club so far but am leaning towards him being better suited for the AHL as far as this season goes. That’s not to say this call up isn’t benefiting his long term development.

    7 – James Reimer, it seems he features in every Game In 10, maybe because he’s our starting goalie and starting goalies are important or maybe it’s because he wins us hockey games. Either way, he’s awesome and serves as a beacon of light in a gloomy fog that is the recent history of Leafs goaltending. Most importantly, he was best when we needed him most.

    8 – Phil Kessel scored A PP GOAL early in the third to put the game out of reach for the Avalanche, all that on a pretty sick feed by Lupul – that’s what a PP does for you, we don’t score there and the game stays wide open. Kessel’s 29th of the season. Hm, you know who has the same number of goals – Eric Staal.

    9 – Phaneuf has been really unlucky in recent games, but on the flip side he’s up to 28 points on the year with those 2 assists tonight. Gunnarsson? 1 assist and a plus 3!

    10 – We could have looked better yeah, we could have looked worse than a drag queen without makeup but since we entered a period of the season where nothing matters more than the 2 points on the board, you won’t hear any complaints from me.