Round 2: MLHS Playoff Pool & Predictions


    Round two gets right underway tonight after a long but captivating first round of playoff action. The fact that TheMLHSGodfather isn’t leading indicates it’s early yet, but the MLHS Playoff Pool is currently led by Gby at 92 points followed closely by CarltontheBear at 91 and Beathoven at 90 (full standings here). You have until 9 p.m. EST tonight to submit your picks for round two or the remaining players from round one will be automatically entered as your registered picks.

    Vancouver and Nashville kick off their Western Conference semifinal series tonight. Detroit/San Jose and Tampa Bay/Washington will begin their semifinal matchups tomorrow while Boston/Philadelphia starts on Saturday. Toss your second round predictions into the comments thread below. There were no winners from round one, but if someone manages to get the four advancing teams right this time around, MLHS will giveaway the new “Half Clapper Top Cheddar” (the phrase coined by Armdog on the TSN panel) t-shirt ($5 of the proceeds from the t-shirt go to Camp Trillium). List the winners and the number of games it will take for each series (tiebreaker).

    We’ll accept entries up until puck drop on tomorrow night’s games.