Thursday Morning Mashup: Another Beantown Beatdown


Let me just start by saying I was presently surprised by how the Bruins managed to stick to their gameplan last night in another route of the Canucks. What exactly is that gameplan? Hit, hit, and more hitting.

It’s just mind-boggling to see this series turn around the way it has. After the first two Canucks wins in Vancouver I figured they would go back to Boston, get a split and possibly end this thing on home ice Friday – not the case. And in a matter of two games I’m almost looking at this series in the sense that Boston were really two bounces away from a sweep.

The Canucks seem like a team capable of bouncing back, but I really thought they’d at least show some glimpses of that last night. They didn’t. Outside of a few great saves, which Tim Thomas is always good for, he basically got to watch his teammates pummel the Canucks players without a worry in the world.

Powerplay? Who cares. The Bruins penalty kill is making this series lopsided, and if they can just keep it up and manage to scrape out a win in Vancouver, this series is over in six. If the Bruins have a chance to hoist the mug at home, it’s happening. The Sedin’s may as well not even dress if that scenario presents itself.

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