Morning Mashup: Big Dreams & Arbitrations (Draft ETA 6 days)


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Good morning everyone. This is your mashup for what looks like a really slow hockey day. Things are expected to get spicier as we come closer to draft day, but you can expect some news adding fuel to the fire prior to that, much like yesterday’s snag with the Drury buyout or Parise’s team elected arbitration.

All in all, here is what we’ve come to expect. Burke has his mind set to make some moves to move up in the draft’s pecking order, we need a No1 center and things are looking more promising as far as Richards is concerned. Now, Glenn Sather will probably need a cap miracle to sign Brad but that doesn’t exactly mean he’s practically a Leaf. Also, I’d really hate seeing Richards sign in Toronto just because he ran out of options.

That said, I believe I can talk myself into loving anything, especially something with Richards’ hockey skillset. I’ll believe, love it, talk about it more, when or if it indeed happens. As things currently stand, it’s no longer a long shot and is beginning to sound more realistic by the hour. In other news, the Winnipeg NHL team still doesn’t have a name. J-E-T-S. There, it isn’t that hard.


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