Brad Richards is a Ranger


Photo: ESPN

It comes as no real surprise to be passing along this information; Brad Richards will become a New York Ranger, after agreeing to a 9 year 60 million dollar deal.

The news came from Andy Strickland out of St Louis first, and was later confirmed by Darren Dreger of TSN.

Personally, I’m relieved that the Leafs didn’t get into this sort of contract. The Rangers will have a 6.7 million dollar cap hit on the books for a forty year old Richards, meaning you’ll probably see this guy in the minors in a few years.

Dreger has since reported that the Calgary Flames offered up 65 million over nine years, but Richards took the cut to head to New York. The city, and the coach obviously had a lot to do with his decision.

Good on Burke and co. for not committing to this thing too much and letting things get out of hand.

The Leafs will surely look to trade in the coming weeks to address their primary need; a top line center.