Morning Mashup: Links to get you through the heat


Another slow day in Leaf land yesterday. Follow the jump for a few interesting articles and to listen to the latest PPP podcast.

Leafs Links:

PPP Podcast 15: Leaf Trades, UFAs and Miracles

The latest Leafs talk from PPP

In Defense of Intangibles: Phil Kessel and the OK Plateau

Good write up on what Kessel needs to max out his point production from Danny Gray at The Leafs Nation.

Leafs fans are absolutely everywhere; meanwhile the team strives to get “4”

Leaf fans from all over the world are flocking to Vintage Leaf Memories.

Another Round of AHL Affiliation Changes

Kyle Cicerella updates us on a few team re-alignments for next season.

Other Hockey Links:

Stamkos keeps eye on hockey

The young centre vows that money won’t change him.

Carter and Wishniewski like the look of Blue Jackets

The Blue Jackets new additions like where the team is headed in the future.

Will Evander Kane wear Bobby Hull’s no. 9 with Winnipeg Jets?

Puck Daddy asks the question

Your Say:

With virtually no hockey news lately, what are you doing to enjoy the nice summer weather?