Morning Mashup: Sportsnet releasing magazine, will you buy it?


Instead of writing about something Leafs related on another slow day in August, I’ve decided to take delve into the world of sports media and talk about the release of the Sportsnet magazine, due out in newsstands this fall.

Now, I’ll give you a forewarning; when it comes to launches of any new medium in the world of sports media, I’m all over it. Like many other Torontonians, especially the younger crowd, I demand the latest in news and consume it through a number of very diverse mediums.

No longer are the days where your only sports fix lies in the back of the paper or on the six o’clock news. Along with the booming Internet, mobile and radio divisions, the people at Rogers are leading the charge with the release of a bi-monthly sports centric magazine with contributions from a collection of relatively young, unknown writers.

Steve Maich, the Editor In Chief of the Sportsnet magazine and former Macleans editor, describes the magazine as a different style than Sports Illustrated and ESPN, both American publications. Maich said that Sportsnet will have a similar style to several European magazines, which have an emphasis on quality photography and unique journalism.

Former The Hockey News copy editor John Grigg, who is a familiar name to most puck heads, joins the publication as it’s managing editor.

The question that must be asked, will you purchase a copy of the Sportsnet magazine when it is released or would you prefer a hockey only magazine?

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