Thursday Mashup: Leafs back on the ice


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Not too long now friends. Every day it’s starting to feel more and more like hockey is just around the corner.

Before you know it, we’ll all be lacing up for our weekly beer league game and talking NHL hockey, probably saying things along the lines of “Stamkos is on another level” or, hopefully “Reimer is unbeatable lately.”

Now, I’m quite aware that many people play hockey through the summer, but it obviously isn’t the same – hockey consumes us in the winter months.

Many of the Leafs have now begun working out the kinks in preparation for training camp. They’re shaking off rust, kicking into gear, whatever you want to call it. Lance Hornby of the Sun has more on the team, and more specifically, Nazem Kadri hitting the ice this week:

Not yet 21, Kadri looks a lot more fit for this season. He’ll be skipping the rookie camp in Oshawa next month and going right to the main camp.

“This off-season wasn’t about (growing) for me, it was about leaning out and getting stronger and I think I accomplished both. I feel great and I’m really excited. I know I’m ready to go.”

As a Leafs fan, you love to hear those types of things from the youngster. Again we’ll wait and see if he can deliver, but it seems like he’s definitely one focused individual and I doubt that will change any time soon. Good stuff.

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