Morning Mashup: Fantasy Puck


Twisted Sittler vs. The Jason Are Nots

Yes, my fellow puck lovers, October is approaching fast. Don’t know about you, but one of the things that gets this writer back into the swing of things usually involves fantasy hockey drafts, player projections and some great discussions around making those fantasy picks.

Besides being fun, fantasy hockey is a good chance to see how your player evaluations fare in the real world. That to me is the biggest reason why I love playing it. You go with a hunch, you believe in your player and it pays off or he proves you wrong in the worst possible way. That and weird, funny team names.

This year will be no different, except that I’m probably going to have more fun because we here fully intend to create an MLHS fantasy hockey league at prior to the season. That means stiffer competition, difficult trade discussions and a ton more fun than your average fantasy league.

We haven’t discussed all the details yet, we will disclose them as soon as we do, but I suspect this is good news for all you fantasy puck lovers. On to the links.


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