Leafs shopping Franson?


From Pierre Lebrun at ESPN/TSN:

” I heard from sources on other teams Monday that Gauthier was phoning around looking for help on defense. The thing is, he’s not alone. Tampa and the New York Rangers are among the other teams also looking for blue-line help. It just so happens that Cody Franson is available in Toronto, although I’m not sure whether any of those three teams have interest in him.”

This isn’t exactly surprising news. Franson really hasn’t panned out the way most expected, and though it’s early, he’s probably better off leaving town for more help up front. Keep a close eye on this one, those struggling teams will want to turn things around as soon as possible. Is Franson the solution to their problems? Probably not, but these are teams looking desperate to shake things up.

Glove tap to Curtis Tudor for pointing this one out.

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