Morning Mashup: A Monster Performance


Leafs Nation held its collective breath when news broke yesterday that injured goaltender James Reimer was experiencing “concussion-like symptoms” and was subsequently placed on IR.  With a maddeningly-inconsistent Jonas Gustavsson set to start against the New York Rangers, The Nation — rightly or wrongly — wondered aloud if it was about to bear witness to the beginnings of yet another late-October collapse.

As it turns out, fans need not have worried. “The Monster” turned in an excellent performance against the Rangers, stopping 28 of 30 shots on net, and providing the fanbase a glimmer of hope that he can still recapture the form he displayed in his rookie season two years ago.  Gustavsson’s pure ability has never been denied; his ability to put it all together on a consistent basis, however, has left much of the fanbase in doubt over what his role — and future — with the organization will ultimately be.

Gustavsson’s challenge now is to prove he can turn in reliable performances such as last night’s on a regular basis.  With Reimer not eligible to return until Sunday at the earliest, he should have an opportunity to do exactly that Saturday night when the Pittsburgh Penguins roll into town.

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