Morning Mashup: This Schenn situation is getting painful


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In what’s been a dream season so far for the Maple Leafs, defenceman Luke Schenn is currently going through the most nightmare-ish period of his career, performance-wise. Though, it’s tough to notice his poor play, since he’s barely on the ice.

What you’re about to read may be offensive to some. Viewer discretion is advised.

Luke Schenn had the least amount of ice time for the entire Leafs squad during the win against the Devils on Wednesday night. 10:01, that was his total. Ten minutes and one second. Dupuis was second-to-last with 10:38 on ice. You know, Phillipe Dupuis, that guy who plays on the fourth line. Schenn didn’t even see the ice for one special teams situation – unbelievable.

A fight kept him out of the game for 5 minutes late in the second, as I guess he tried to spark some interest from the coaches. It didn’t really work.

I’m not sure what’s causing this shitshow that is Schenn’s season thus far, but it’s been tough to take in after he signed his new deal in the summer. And what’s worse is that the next step is to sit him and bring in Cody Franson, who hasn’t been exactly lights-out either (if I can remember correctly – it’s been a while.) Don’t worry, it’s coming.

Schenn has always shown a lack of speed. He’s never been the most mobile defenceman, but he’s always had that physical edge and defensive mindset that’s kept him in Wilson’s good books. This season it seems like all of that has gone out the window, and he just looks like a slow guy who forwards can beat rather easily. Was it a weight gain? Is it a lack of focus? A rift with a teammate or coach? Hesitation to play the same physical game since the Shanahan crackdown? This whole thing really has me puzzled.

It seems as though everyone has been calling to see Mike Komisarek head to the press box, but right now Schenn is on the fast track. Both make some major coin, but there’s quite the difference in the two: Komisarek’s game has seemed to be on the decline ever since he’s been in Toronto, but Schenn has been viewed by fans as the rock on the point for the coming years – the Leafs‘ own Adam Foote. Right now he’s looking more like Aki Berg.

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