Morning Mashup: We’ll call it even


Photo: Chris Young/The Canadian Press

Brian Burke was harshly scrutinized for the now infamous Phil Kessel swap. Back then, he gave up three potential NHLers for a single yet proven commodity. Now, with Tyler Seguin and Doug Hamilton set to lead the Bruins for years to come, it’s scary to imagine how badly Burke would be harped if Kessel wasn’t off to his best season in the league to date.

One thing Leafs’ fans know for certain is that we’ll take Phil Kessel’s dominance and run, because Bruins’ fans will never get back what Peter Chiarelli surrendered for about 40 games of Tomas Kaberle. If you remember, at the time of the deal, the value coming back was considered fair as we didn’t really know what we were getting in Joe Colborne, and draft picks are always hit and miss when outside of the top ten.

However, as it went with the Kessel deal, with Boston looking more and more like the winners, Brian Burke is looking more and more like he has performed another greatest heist in NHL trade history. With the finalization of John-Michael Liles’ new contract, Burke has officially pried Joe Colborne (considered Toronto’s #1 prospect by many), Liles (Toronto’s fine replacement for Kaberle), and Tyler Biggs (looking to be a beefier Darcy Tucker and we all know how much the Northeast loved Darcy) for just Tomas Kaberle.

Even if Colborne and Biggs flame out – we still have Liles to show for the deal, who has been better for Toronto than Kaberle almost ever had, at least certainly in later seasons. We will also have our perennial 40-goal man Phil Kessel to show for the other swap. I can’t say the same for Peter Chiarelli – who will have the remains of the $1.03 million he had to pay Kaberle for the totaled 20 points in 50 games in a Bruins jersey.



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