Morning Mashup: Six Seconds


On the heels of a shocking late-game collapse, the Maple Leafs head home to face the Penguins tonight in the second match of a back-to-back set. The Leafs will have to find a way to put last night’s shootout loss behind them in rather quick fashion if they are to have a chance at earning the two points they came within six seconds of earning in Pittsburgh.

Many were quick to place the blame squarely on Gustavsson’s shoulders, pointing out two goals in particular that he should have stopped with ease as the reason for the team’s collapse (“if he stops those we aren’t in a one-goal situation at the end”). Although this argument is rooted in a logical basis, the singular appropriation of blame  is not an entirely accurate assessment.

Soft goals or not, the fact of the matter is the Leafs held a lead with under a minute remaining. Yet during that final minute, the Penguins were allowed to control the puck almost exclusively as the Leafs collapsed into a defensive shell. With the extra man on and all of six seconds left on the clock, James Neal fired a shot that went off a completely uncovered Evgeni Malkin and past Gustavsson, who couldn’t do much more on the play than take out his frustrations on the crossbar. How one of the league’s premier players could be left alone on an island, at the game’s most crucial juncture, is both inexplicable and inexcusable. With a playoff berth anything but a lock, the Leafs can ill-afford to make such an egregious mistake.

Without a doubt, weak goals against left the Leafs in a less-than-desirable late-game situation: defending a one-goal lead. Nevertheless, the players still had a job to do in those final seconds, and the bottom line is they failed to do it. And it is that which cost the team a tally in the win column.  For as surely as it takes a team effort to win a game, it takes a team effort to lose a game, also.

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