Deadline Primer: Rangers backing out of Nash talks


It appears as though the price for Rick Nash has climbed to an unattainable level for some clubs, including even the most aggressive of all; the New York Rangers.

Darren Dreger had this to say only a few minutes ago:

Hard to blame NYR for not blowing up team to make Nash trade. For sake of deadline, let’s hope CBJ softens to keep possibility of trade open.

NYR wasn’t willing to pay price established for Nash prior to today + today CBJ asked for more than they were originally after

Now, I’m not sure if this indicates that the Rangers’ most current offer was matched and Howson went back to Sather to see if he wanted to go even higher. But that could be the case as it appears there are still others out there who remain interested in Nash.

Both the Predators and Leafs have yet to be cleared from the Nash talks, so we’ll see how that pans out in the next 20 hours or so.

It’s been reported that Toronto will not unload Gardiner to get this deal done. Personally, I’m baffled that they’re still rumored to be involved at all. Dreger mentioned earlier this morning that the Leafs and Jackets haven’t talked in days, so I’m sure it’s quite possible that things fizzle out.