Morning Mashup: Join the MLHS Playoff Pool


Playoff hockey is great, but the emptiness of being a Leafs fan on the sidelines has returned again this spring. May as well join a pool with your fellow MLHS’ers to increase your personal interest in the playoffs. I have set up a Maple Leafs Hot Stove group at the CBC Playoff Pool. The grand prize for the winner of the overall CBC pool is a KIA car of some sort, and we’ll figure out a prize for the champion of the MLHS group as well. Join the group here and share your picks in the comments.

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Season in Review
Jonas Siegel with the good, the bad, and the key moments from the 2011-12 season.

Late link, but at lease we’re not..
Buffalo or Montreal.

Let’s honestly talk direction, as in where the Leafs are going.
Part I of II from Michael Langlois at VLM.

leafs-randy-carlyle-summer-draft.html”>Carlyle pledges crackdown
Some reflections from Phaneuf, Liles and Carlyle.


Your 2012 playoff first-round TV schedule
Ready the remote.

Ranking the 2012 SC Playoffs first round series: Which ones are must see?
Greg Wyshynski rates the eight first round matchups.

NHL Playoff Previews
Quick analysis of the East & West from Puck Daddy.