2012 NHL Entry Draft Open Thread


Hello fellow Leaf fans, welcome to the MLHS 2012 NHL Entry Draft Open Thread. According to Twitter, a lot of GMs are talking to each other so that’s probably a good thing, as long as they aren’t talking basketball. Which is over. Thank God.

Just because Burke has said his reading is that the best player available will be a defenceman doesn’t necessarily mean it’s set in stone. There could be trades, or a team could have changed their mind just as you’re reading this and the whole order changes.

According to The Star, there is as much interest in the Leafs‘ 35th pick as there is for the 5th. Maybe that leads to a trade up possibility, but from the sounds of things it looks like the Leafs are picking 5th.

So, debate away, we have an exciting evening ahead of us. No one really knows what’s about to transpire for the Leafs, or most of the teams at the top of the drafting order.  Let’s hope the Leafs end up as winners when it’s all said and done.