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Over the past week I have been hard at work on a piece that examines what needs to be done to transform the Leafs into team with the potential to seriously contend and have prolonged success. While that won’t be available to read for a little while, it did get me thinking about the impact of the coaching change from Ron Wilson to Randy Carlyle.

Wilson had much more a free-wheeling, push the puck forward approach, and while he attempted to promote himself as a coach with a 200 foot coaching style, there seemed to be a consistent lack of defensive responsibility coupled with lacklustre positional play.

Randy Carlyle, much like every other coach in the league, also preaches a 200-foot game, but with tighter defensive systems, and increased responsibility for forwards. At the very least we will be seeing fewer neutral zone cross ice passes, and there’s a possibility that someone might cover the point when a defenseman pinches.

In the previous three seasons under Ron Wilson the Leafs have not dipped below 229 goals per season,. In the same time in Anaheim, Randy Carlyle has put up nearly identical numbers, but with arguably a more talented top six group.

Here is a quick table looking at the difference between the Leafs last season compared to just the games they played under Randy Carlyle (All numbers from Hockey-Reference.com)

TotalUnder CarlyleDifference
Carter Ashton0.
Tyler Bozak0.250.640.220.56-0.02-0.09
Mike Brown0.
Joe Colborne0.100.500.001.00-0.100.50
Tim Connolly0.190.510.170.44-0.02-0.07
Cody Franson0.090.370.110.110.02-0.26
Matt Frattin0.
Jake Gardiner0.090.400.170.610.070.21
Mikhail Grabovski0.310.690.310.560.00-0.13
Carl Gunnarsson0.
Ryan Hamilton0.000.500.000.500.000.00
Nazem Kadri0.240.330.500.500.260.17
Phil Kessel0.451.000.280.78-0.17-0.22
Mike Komisarek0.
Nikolai Kulemin0.100.400.000.17-0.10-0.23
John-Michael Liles0.110.410.170.280.06-0.13
Matthew Lombardi0.
Joffrey Lupul0.381.020.000.50-0.38-0.52
Clarke MacArthur0.270.590.060.56-0.21-0.03
Colton Orr0.200.20
Dion Phaneuf0.150.540.170.330.02-0.20
Jay Rosehill0.
David Steckel0.

Essentially an across the board decline, which isn’t unexpected when the season goals for average was 2.82 and the time spent under Carlyle was 2.22.

What is also interesting is that the one area that consistently saw increases was the defensemen goals per game average. It’s a small sample size, but we can assume that Carlyle will be using the point more when on the attack.

In the spirit of the predictions from Gus Katsaros, I thought I’d run the Carlyle goals and points per game numbers against 82 games to see what their totals would look like under Carlyle.

There are a few things worth noting first.

  1. An 18 game sample under a new coach doesn’t mean too much, but in some cases points to who may have a harder time adjusting to the new style
  2. I have removed all players who only had a couple of games under Carlyle. The lowest game total included is Nik Kulemin at 6 games, and given his unfortunate season last year he’ll be a wild card on all point prediction posts.
  3. I lied, I included Joffrey Lupul who only played 2 games under Carlyle in Toronto, but I used his goals and point per game numbers from his last season in Anaheim under Carlyle.
  4. Presumably swapping in James van Riemsdyk and Jay McClement for Matthew Lombardi and Jay Rosehill gives you a team that can put up similar goal totals to the what the Leafs finished with last season.
82 Game Projection
Tyler Bozak1846
Mike Brown00
Tim Connolly1436
Cody Franson99
Matt Frattin1627
Jake Gardiner1450
Mikhail Grabovski2646
Carl Gunnarsson1015
Phil Kessel2364
Mike Komisarek05
Nikolai Kulemin014
John-Michael Liles1423
Matthew Lombardi519
Joffrey Lupul*3550
Clarke MacArthur546
Dion Phaneuf1427
Jay Rosehill00
David Steckel522

So now that you’ve seen the table it’s worth recognizing that it’s unlikely that Clarke MacArthur will have such a poor goal output, and Cody Franson will probably get an assist or two at some point as well. What may be somewhat encouraging is that both Matt Frattin and Jake Gardiner thrived under Carlyle in their short exposure.

The Leafs still haven’t fully adjusted to a Carlyle system, however. In fact the Leafs goals against spiked from 3.21 to 3.55 in the final 18 games. Some of that does fall on goaltending, and both Reimer and Scrivens fared better than Gustavsson and Rynnas.

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