Morning Mashup: Nothing is happening


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But I’ll try to fill a little bit of space here the best I can.

J.P. Nikota of Pension Plan Puppets and The Leafs Nation put an interesting graph together as apart of an article for the upcoming annual Leafs publication, edited by myself with contributions from bloggers around the Barilkosphere.

You’ll have to read his piece when the magazine comes out (more details will be forthcoming), but J.P. found that, among goaltenders facing a minimum of 1,000 shots in a season over the last twelve years, there is no significant drop off in save percentage until age 38. Interestingly, for what it’s worth, 36-year-old goaltenders have had the highest aggregate save percentage over the last 12 seasons.

It’s no secret who I’m talking about when I’m discussing possible 30+ options for the Maple Leafs in goal. Goaltenders that make it as starters in this league and last into their thirties perform capably well into their late thirties. On the flip side of the argument, it’s probably also true that goaltenders are typically late to develop, and there’s no secret who I’m talking about there, either.

As you well know, there’s nothing to speak of in terms of actual news or even awful rumours. Brian Burke is on the CBA team  and the entire league is waiting to see how those negotiations play out before the final rush of player movement takes place.

So, I hope you’re enjoying the Olympics.



Mark Fraser’s back on a one-year, two-way deal
This guy was a beast alongside Holzer for the Marlies last season. Holzer may be the only player ahead of him on the depth chart currently outside of the regular six. With Yeo and Kostka signed this summer, lots of experienced AHL vets on the Marlies backend.

A mid summer night’s theory
Steve Dangle wonders if Burke is sitting on a few moves. Maybe so, but if he is it’s probably mostly to do with the CBA negotiations.

PPP has begun it’s Top 25 under 25 series.
Greg Scott slides in at #24.

An idea to stimulate some energy in the ACC and give something back
Michael Langlois proposes a game a season where 5,000 kids under the age of 14 get in free. Sounds good to me.

Paperwork delays completion of MLSE takeover
The MLSE board will undergo some big changes once this does go through.

MLSE: Wins expected to matter under Bell, Rogers
Ohh, that was the problem before…….