Let’s do something else


The NHL and PA will get together again today. Nothing will come of it, we’ll complain about it on the internet, and there still won’t be NHL hockey. At first I would’ve said “there still won’t be hockey” but I’ve joined the folks who are pushing for other leagues to get attention. The NHL is the best hockey league on this planet, but it isn’t the only one.

The “best” part is enough to bring me back when the league eventually starts back up, but to be honest I’m not really missing the NHL like I thought I would. The IceCaps here in St. John’s are ready to get going, and besides that I’ve been finding more time for other sports, hobbies, whatever.

Maybe I was investing too much time in to the NHL anyway. And since they won’t invest the time in to the fans, why bother worrying about them? Same goes for the NHLPA.

This piece from PPP really knocked it out of the park yesterday.

From Forbes:

There will be no talk of contraction or appropriate team locations. No sub-committee meetings on the failings of the sun belt strategy. There most certainly won’t be anyone calling for changes to the worst elements of the culture of hockey – cleaning up the nepotism and cronyism among NHL executives and employees. No debate over the importance of an impartial 3rd party for discipline and appeals processes. No consideration for some sort of ombudsmen to help mediate positive changes to the game.

Instead, we’re left with players vs. owners in an unfortunately adversarial system that’s willing to forego discussing how to improve the game (re-alignment, balanced schedules, Olympic participation, under 20 NA born players in the AHL, etc.) in pursuit of partisan economic priorities.

Whether you want to focus your efforts on another club from another hockey league, or a whole different sport, please don’t sit around waiting for updates from these CBA talks. It’ll get done when it gets done, and if the NHL/PA damages the league because of it, it’s on them.

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